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Fire Risk Assessment

In October 2006 the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 came into effect and all employers are now required to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment.

Fire bucketsIn general, the legislation seeks to ensure the safety, in the event of fire, of persons (whether they are employees, residents, visitors or others) by setting out the rights and responsibilities of persons in respect of fire safety. Basically anyone who has control to any extent of the premises will have some responsibilities for ensuring that those occupying the premises are safe from harm caused by fire.

Duties imposed by the legislation fall into the undernoted categories:

  • Fire safety risk assessment of the premises.
  • Identify the fire safety measures necessary as a result of the fire safety risk assessment outcome.
  • Risk reduction principles by implementing these fire safety measures.
  • Put in place ongoing fire safety arrangements
  • Comply with additionally specific requirements of the fire safety regulations.
  • Keep reviewing the fire safety risk assessment and any outcome.
  • Keep records.

As a consequence of our survey you will receive a Report comprehensively detailing our findings and will include an Action Plan indicating the level of urgency the remedial action and person responsible.

Our Fire Risk Assessments Surveys are itemised as follows:

  • Fire Safety Organisation/Management/Administration
  • Building - means of escape/access - use
  • Identify and control hazards
  • Fire safety arrangements
  • Fire systems in the building
  • Staff/people at risk and fire safety
  • Fire safety training
  • Generic risk survey indicating levels of risk

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